Only You Will Ever Know - true story.

This is my most autobiographical song to date. Why does a guy who has never lived in the South sound like a hillbilly sometimes? It is not an affectation, it is just the way my voice comes out on certain songs, can't help it, don't want to. The answer is in this song, it is in my blood. My father was from the deep South and though my birth parents gave me up as a baby, it feels like something from them drives me home to the things I love, hill country music, old gospel tunes, and the lonesome sound of Appalachian singers and musicians. I feel at home there, and though my musical tastes are broad enough to include everyone from Mozart to John Coltrane, when I pick up my guitar, very often the echoes of my ancestors' lives and the old time religion that runs through the hills of Appalachia like gold through dirt comes pouring out of me in words and music, streams of consciousness that flow from somewhere I can't deny and would never want to. 

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